Becoming Jane

12 Romantic Movies That You Must See. One Movie for Every Mood


Bridesmaids movie

If you are single while your girlfriends are engaged: Bridesmaids. Annie is responsible to organize the bridesmaids at the wedding of her best friend, while her life is a real disaster.


10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You

If you are in love with the bad boy: 10 Things I Hate About You. Kat is a young, beautiful lady, but inapproachable. Her sister comes with a plan to find her an irresistible partner.
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Katzenklavier Cat Piano

Top 10 Strangest Musical Instruments Ever

1. Great Stalacpipe Organ:

Great Stalacpipe Organ
Leland Sprinkle, who used to be an electronic engineer by profession, continuously tried to make a perfect harmony using three simple devices. Together with a little hammer, tuning fork and an angle grinder, he was engaged in a mission to create excellent-sounding stalactites. What he discovered was a perfect instrument that is able to play at least 37 notes.
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Real Reindeers In Snow

The Santa Claus Reindeer


The reindeer live in the Arctic areas, being characteristics for the Scandinavian countries. It seems like there are not many wild reindeer left, the majority of them being as domesticized as cows. Well, they are kind and gentle animals, and in some places, they are the perfect friends of children.

reindeer in snow

The reindeer can carry weights two times heavier than his body, so they are preferred as carrying animals in snowy areas, as they can easily lift sleighs. Continue reading…

oncilla cat

Exotic Cats – 12 Lesser Known Species

fat cat

pallas’s cat

Pallas’s cat, oncilla, jaguarundi, serval, caracal, margay, kodkod … do you want more? We have more. What are they? They are members of one of the most spectacular families of mammals: the felines. Compared with the jaguar, tiger and a few other so-called “big felines,” the smaller ones are less known. There are 30 species of wild cats living on Earth in diverse habitats and places. From deserts to jungles, from the rain forests to the savanna, those cats live their lives along with other, more common, animals. Some are rare, represented by a few individuals and threatened by human expansion, while others populate vast territories. Anyway, they deserve to be known better. They are a part of biological complexity, of the evolutionary chain and generally, of the richness of life forms on the planet.
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A Moonlit Night…

moonlit face

Moon, dress the lake in silver
Give the night your secret light
And shine on me forever
Dream, let me dream of wonder
Don’t wake me up until it’s late
When the night and I’m together

Come with me, stay with me
Come to me, walk with me
In moonlit night
My shadow become free

Rise from your daily slumber
Leave your dwells and hideaways
Imbibe the night of silver
You’re the mist of air, lurking everywhere
Elven kings and elven queens
Shapeless until nightfall

Come with me, stay with me
Come to me, walk with me
In moonlit night

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Iguazu Waterfalls

The 7 Wonders of Nature

We live on a planet with endless natural riches, and humans felt the need to express their respect for those … for a while. Today, it seems like this respect is lost between political and economic interests, but there is still hope. Some of the reasons for which humankind must embrace the duty of saving our planet are The 7 Natural Wonders. Here is the list of those treasures, according to a popular internet and media pool made in 2007.

1. The Amazon


The biggest basin in the world (7 millions square kilometers), Amazon surpasses all its competitors with ease. In length, it is second only to the African Nile. It springs from the Peru Anzi, and it crosses Peru, Colombia and Brazil before reaching the Atlantic Ocean. During the summer, the width of the river is 1-2 kilometers, but during the wet season, it reaches 50 kilometers from one shore to the other because of the rains alimenting the river. The amazing biodiversity of the rainforest is another reason for which this river is considered a wonder of the world.
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Top 10 Best Images In The World. You Won’t Believe That This Is Not Photoshop!

Sometimes, nature is really surprising, and many times, it is better than our imagination. Moreover, some photos are so good naturally that they don’t need any kind of modification, and they are still better than the Photoshopped ones.

Maybe you will not believe it, but the images are as real as possible, and they were taken in the most beautiful places on the planet. Lands of flowers looking like Persian carpets, fields of rice that look like paintings, waters and plants looking like they were taken on another planet.

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watercar python

5 Strangest Vehicles Ever

Car lovers simply can’t wait to express their deepest desires to make

5) Roadable Aircraft:

Roadable Aircraft

In the future, what we thought was just a dream is going become a reality. A Boston-based company called Terrafugia has been focusing on building a light-bodied aircraft.
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Different Sounds Made by Cats


Let’s try, as cat lovers, to interpret what their noises mean! Those simple meows and other sounds that you seemingly hear every day mean more than what we can just hear. Let us help you understand them better as we break them down.

Cats love to make different sounds, starting from simple meows, which might make them appear adorable, to growls, which might make you a bit afraid of them!

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